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Greetings again!

9 Birthdays in 1 Party.
Holly Ridge
October 8-11, 2005.

The Setting.
  if you build it....

Seasonal decorations Seasonal decorations dot the
Holly Ridge landscape.

Corn, pumpkins,
squash and gourds.

Full Screen View Available
Seasonal decorations

Seasonal decorations Lynn and Laura's
summer project.

With a Narnia door
leading to ??

Seasonal decorations

Seasonal decorations The grape arboreum

Full Screen View Available

covers another cafe table. Seasonal decorations

Seasonal decorations Trail to the garden...

and newly rejuvenated
tool shed.
Seasonal decorations

Seasonal decorations The pond trail
to the tool shed.

Lower level entrance decorations. Seasonal decorations

Meanwhile at the support center...

Tent City, Holly Ridge Overflow camp
was a 3 tent city.

The Lampley Family
really does pork right!.
Lampleys cook a pig


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