Greetings again!

The shootaround, Holly Ridge style.
November 14, 2004.

The Shootists.

Michael Wade Lampley
Micheal Wade
Joseph Lampley

Dearl Lampley Dearl shoots history.
A Henry .44-40

Dearl tries the 9mm

Dearl Pemberton

Carol Lampley
Carol with an AK47
Lynn Pemberton
Lynn and the family .22

Anna Johnson
Anna with 9mm pistol
Carol Lampley
Carol with .38 special

Paul Pemberton Paul's turn with the Henry .44-40

Michael tries the .270

Michael and Dearl Lampley

Wade Pemberton Wade bears down
with the AR15

Checking it out....

Anna, Joeseph, Wade, Dearl, Michael

Somethings aligned high to the right..
95 steps downrange...
leftover halloween pumpkin
and the leftover halloween pumpkin....


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