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Holly Ridge Sign
Greetings again!

Early Thanksgiving 2004 at Holly Ridge.
November 13-14, 2004

Seasonal Decorations.

The hilltop area.

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Holly Ridge Farm

The upper garden level The upper garden level.

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The downstairs entrance.
Decorations by Laura and Lynn

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Seasonal Decorations

The walk to our bluffs.

Laura, Ralph, Lynn, Anna Lynn's new trail.

Down the bluff
and to the creek

White Creek Bluffs on Holly Ridge Laura looks over the cliff.

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Under the notch to
the babbling branch.

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White Creek Bluffs on Holly Ridge

Thanksgiving 2004 at Holly Ridge Dinner is served.

James and Ada Sue
pay a visit
James and Ada Sue Shannon

The grapevine arbor chatfest Sunday morning gathering
at the grapevine veranda

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Chocolate covered cherries Ralph & Lynn

the upper garden St Francis
in the garden.

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Afternoon tea
at the grape arbor.

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Anna, Laura, Lynn, Jane, Ada Sue


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