Greetings again!

Thanksgiving 2002 at Holly Ridge.

Dearl, Caitlin and
Ralph dig in.
Dearl, Caitlin, Ralph

Thanksgiving Ray, Dana, Lynn, Anna, Wade, and Dearl
pass it around.

Lynn, Laura and Anna
hold down the other end.
Lynn, Laura, Anna

Paul, Ray, Dana, Lynn Synchronized eating
in the middle.

Br. Paul strikes
an angelic pose.

The Shootists.

Paul, Ray Paul shoots,
Ray spots.

Dearl's first time. Ray, Paul, Dearl

Ray, Wade Wade bears down.

Rays shoots history.
A Henry .44-40

Anna Anna blazes away.

Lynn "Annie Oakley" shoots
the only bullseye of the day
Lynn Ann


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