Greetings again!

Thanksgiving 2001 at Holly Ridge.

First a big meal. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving An extension was
added to the table.

Ralph digs in. Ralph

Dana We finally tell Dana
that it's opposum.

Then a walk in our park.

Lily Bank Overlook

Jane hides behind the camera. Jane

lots Dearl hides,
Joseph makes a face,
Michael chews teaberries.

Dearl finally appears. Seven

Michael Then Michael turns around.

I'm so mad you guys didn't
tell me it was oppossum!

We Three We Three.

Working down the trail! Five

Later that week...

Jane and Lynn Too much apple cider?.

The Hittites are killing us!

Wade and Michael Wade
   play Age of Empires.
Wade and Michael Wade

Laura and Carol Time for the football game.


Don't we lead an exciting life?
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