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  Devil's Den.

This fern draped sinkhole offers a really unique geological setting, making Devil's Den a must see on the springs dive list. There is a dramatic view from the topside, and on chilly days in winter when fog lifts off the water down below, it does bear resemblence to it's name.

Equipment rental, instruction, and airfills are available at the dive shop, and a full service campground with cabins, campsites, and RV hookups is nearby. A pool and large manmade fishing lake are onsite.

Devil's Den A 60' giant stride for ancient cavemen.

Devil's Den Basin
Devil's Den Basin
The 57 step trail of tears to the water below

The overhead opening of 40 feet opens to over 100 feet wide at water level. Gear up on one of the many picnic tables outside, and with fins and camera in hand, head down the stone and wooden staircase. Keep one hand free for the guardrail. Duck your head at the midpoint, give way to divers coming up, and make for the platform at water level, 60 feet down. Bring your lights, and load fresh batteries as they'll be used the entire dive. Water temperature year round is a cool 72F.


Prehistoric saber toothed tiger and giant sloth bones have been taken from this site, although I've not a clue what was done with them. Still, it's not difficult to find many fossilized seaforms on the walls as you explore at the various levels, dating back 33 million years to Florida's foundation period. Other areas have some small stalactites formed during the last ice age. Depth reaches 58' at some points, and I recommend doing at least two full circles of exploration, one shallow and one deep. There are many narrow swimthroughs, and care should be taken not to bang the tank valves against the overhead.
If there's any doubt, just swim around them.

Fossils Fossils on the south wall 15' down
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Devil's Den

5390 NE 180th Ave
Williston, Florida 32696
352 528-3344

7 days 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

$27 per day to dive

Devil's Den